Porc Blasus

Wales is famed for producing quality Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef, but we shouldn’t forget pork - or as we like to call it here, porcThe profile of our porc industry is also growing and it has its own fantastic tale to tell.

Be proud to be promoting Porc Blasus from Wales.

Bred in heaven

Welsh pigs are given the care and attention they need which is essential for producing less-stressed, tastier pork. Provided with the most natural environment possible, and grazing on a wide variety of nutrients and minerals, gives pork born and bred in Wales its unique and tender flavour. It’s truly recognised as some of the best pork your customers will ever taste.

Bred in heaven

Variety and taste

The lesser known, traditional rare breeds such as the Oxford Sandy and Black, Gloucestershire Old Spot & native Welsh pedigree pig create a particularly splendid taste. Being reared for longer also has a significant effect on the quality and appearance of the end product; delivering a darker colour and stronger flavour.

Porc Blasus

Farm to fork

Using authentic ingredients is really important to the future of the food industry. More and more people are becoming interested in where their food comes from, so sourcing ingredients such as pork from Wales via local suppliers ensures the quality of the meat is unmatched.

Porc Blasus

Proud to serve Porc Blasus from Wales

“From taste to texture, the difference in quality is clear: Welsh pork has darker skin and rose-coloured flesh, and a firmer layer of fat which is much better for cooking”

Angela Gray, Angela Gray's Cookery School at Llanerch Vineyard

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