PGI Welsh Lamb

In the challenging industry of lamb production, there is one principle upon which the foundations of Welsh Lamb are built – to deliver on what it promises. This simple ethic has led to being awarded the coveted PGI status by the EU, which has propelled the Welsh Lamb as a brand to the forefront of a dynamic industry.

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There’s nothing quite like it

Welsh Lamb is produced on the lush green pastures of the hills and valleys. A temperate climate, the mineral rich soils and unspoilt environment go hand in hand to produce lamb of the highest quality.

Why PGI?

There’s nothing quite like it


Welsh Lamb is a legendary product, recognised worldwide. With a good colour and sweet succulent flavour, the unique qualities associated with Welsh Lamb are a result of very many years of traditional husbandry methods, generations of breeding expertise, and an abundance of natural grazing.

PGI Welsh Lamb

Maintaining PGI Standards

Having an independent certification body for PGI Welsh Lamb means you can fully trust the scheme and what it means and be confident in what you are selling to consumers.

PGI Welsh Lamb


Reliability is the keyword for exporters of Welsh Lamb in terms of the logistical service they provide. Exporters of Welsh Lamb have established a reputation throughout Europe and beyond for providing punctual deliveries and an excellent after sales service.

PGI Welsh Lamb

Proud to be a Welsh Lamb farmer

“I’m passionate about Welsh Lamb, it’s quality and unique flavour. I’m really proud of the traditional farming practices which basically haven’t changed much for centuries.”

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