Why PGI?

In the challenging industry of lamb and beef production, there is one principle upon which the foundations of Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef are built – to deliver on what it promises. This simple ethic has led to being awarded the coveted PGI status by the EU, which has propelled the Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef brands to the forefront of a dynamic industry.

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Love for the land

Our farmers are famous all over the world for producing distinctive, world-class tasting lamb and beef. The environment in which their livestock are raised plays an extremely important part in producing this succulent, sweet and tender meat. The unique, ancient landscape of Wales is perfectly suited to sheep and cattle farming, and it’s the first step to achieving PGI status.

Love for the land

Building on traditions

For centuries, native sheep breeds have thrived on the natural grassland available all year round. Traditional husbandry methods and breeding expertise in one of the most unspoilt corners of the world produces lamb of the highest quality.

Building on traditions

Authenticity & traceability

PGI standard ensures we bring together quality, traditions and the environment of an area to produce a quality product to be sold to your customers.

Protect against imitation

To achieve and maintain PGI status, Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef products must only be produced, processed or prepared to strict guidelines. This guarantees your customers protection against imitation throughout the EU, delivering only the highest quality meats.

Create demand, increase sales

Research shows that consumers are actively seeking out the PGI mark in many countries when purchasing food. By displaying the PGI logo, you can distinguish your products from your competitors and increase your sales.

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