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Do you work in health or education? We’re here to provide support with free resources for teaching young people about where food comes from, cooking and healthy eating. Visit our Health & Education Resources site and take a Food Field Trip with plenty of worksheets, recipes, videos and interactive quizzes.

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FREE resources for Health Professionals

If you work in the Health profession, or give advise to clients about their diet and lifestyle, we’ve put together a resource centre full of free, fact-based tools and information on the relationship between red meat and health and nutrition.

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FREE resources for teaching
young people age 3 - 16

Worksheets, recipes and interactive games exploring red meat, health and nutrition for all Key Stages.

Nutritional Factsheets

Welsh Lamb, Welsh Beef and Pork from Wales can play an important role as part of a balanced diet. We provide a series of free factsheets designed to provide Health Professionals with up-to-date and evidence-based information on the relationship between red meat, nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, covering topics such as vitamins and minerals, weight management and women’s diets.

Nutritional Factsheets

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Red meat is one of the best food sources of iron.The iron present in red meat is haem iron which means it's easily absorbed by the body and it can help release iron from other foods. Young teenage girls require 14.8 mg per day of iron.